Monday, May 21, 2007

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up and wait seems to apply to everything in life right now. We had to wait for over a week for the first therapy evaluation appointment. Then of course the scheduler didn't have appointments open until a week later. So instead of getting prosthetic training 3 times a week, Bob has been "winging" it on his own so far. Must say that it looks like he is doing an awesome job. No one can believe that is has only been on his leg for a week and a half.

The clock has been ticking on the lease front as well. Good news is that I just received an electronic copy of the lease for the possible new store and I actually understand 90% of it! Rumor control has it that the building inspector has my application next on his list. If I get the approvals there then we are officially in business with a tentative opening date of July first. No one has actually said to my face that they think I can crazy for launching a new business venture not long after my husband lost his leg due to a systemic infection. But you know what? I want to contribute to the family income again in a larger way than I am doing now and if I went back to a corporate job I wouldn't be available for therapy appointments, ball games and scout meetings. I may have to work twice as hard but at least this way I get to at least attempt to write my own schedule! Waiting is fairly torturous for me. I don't even mind "no" (well, maybe I do!) I just like to know what the scoop is. Keep your fingers crossed all the paperwork goes through this week.

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Robin LeTourneau said...

What is life coming to when we can get so excited about paperwork?!?!

Go Thersea go!