Thursday, June 14, 2007

"22,468 steps, who needs a gym?"

22,468 steps, that just today, without working out AND fitting in a trip to the endodontist for a root canal! So, how come I am not slimmer? Actually have been doing LOTS of steps all week! The shop is actually begun to look like a shop! Got the innards (credit cards, phone systems, computer, voicemail) set up as well as off- loaded oodles of vintage treasures all week. WHEW!

Next week will get the picture rail hung so that we can add in all of the ART. I am so excited to see everything coming together. It looks better than I dreamed it could!

Have been doing the manual labor part of the set-up this week as my neck has been bothering me so much that fingers on my left arm are numb. Ugh. Usually taking a break from the handwork and fine motor motions will get me back into shape. That and the ministrations of Lisa my trusty Massage Therapist!

Actually cancelled my appt. with Lisa so I could attend an art opening tomorrow with S&C artists Debby and Beth. Our neighbor (and fellow Stifel and Capra artist) Phil Napala has a piece being unveiled at the Washington Convention Center at noon. It's his birthday to boot! Will post some photos tomorrow of this momentous event!

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