Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Furniture Fairies!

Today I remembered that painting is not quite as much fun without my husband coming in , shaking his head and saying "You call THAT painting? Here, let me show you how it's done..." While Bob was busy learning how to ride our recumbant bike with his prosthesis I was busily painting the front room/office of the shop. It's a uplifting aqua blue that will make you think your desk and computer are steps away from the water. I'm really pleased how great it looks.
Met a bunch of people today: Yvette the mail carrier, and fellow tenants Ryan and Carl. But no two faces were more welcome than sister Robin and her trusty friend Cindy who took a road trip down to Woodbridge and picked up my display shelves for me and delivered them to my door! Well, actually helped me lug literally 800 pounds of boxes through TWO doors and into the suite. What a blessing! Saved me a day's worth of work. Had to get my lovely daughter to the doctor this afternoon so couldn't make the trip myself. So thanks again ladies!
Here are two more "hatbags". Out of control hats turned cute springtime purses, enjoy!

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