Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My name in...DECALS???

Weelll, the inspection certificate has not been processed but I felt confident with the inspection
sticker in my hand to go ahead and sign the lease on the space. It's at 210 Little Falls Street, Suite 201 Falls Church, VA 22046. July 1st will be our official first day of business to the public. As you look at this spiffy picture it's the space with the big bay window on the left hand side. Five rooms, windows all the way around. When I went to drop off the paint this morning there in golden vinyl glory was the company name spelled out on the glass vestibule door! I felt so official! Oh and the name was spelled out on the building directory in those lovely letter plastic press-in-the-black-felt-signs too....
Other big news my buddy and neighbor Ashleigh is moving her EBay business into the suite as well. My Two Monkeys will be displaying and selling vintage treasures as well as providing an Ebay seller's service for all of us who want to sell on Ebay but don't have the time or talent to do so! At our Christmas Home Show I bought 6 things from Ashleigh. I have a funny feeling that partnering with her is going to be bad for my personal bank balance!
On the home front, Bob is progressing mightily with his PT. He has been practicing crutching ONE HANDED up and down the halls of Fairfax Hospital. Not quite steady enough to debut this skill publicly, but hopefully soon!
(Distracted by the baby above? LOVED this pillow I just finished- I had to show if off!)


jxnfan said...

I'm SO proud of you!! The store is going to be great, and I can't wait to see it! I already know that everything you make is great...and I love knowing that I can keep up with you electronically even when I can't quite make a phone connection. With nothing but love, Laurie

Robin LeTourneau said...

And progress is already being made! Already one room is painted by Theresa and shelves have been delivered by the Amazons.

Woo hoo!