Friday, August 17, 2007

But do you know any ABSTRACT artists?

I have been quite tickled at the feedback and traffic that the store is generating so far this summer. Knowing DC's reputation for vacating the beltway for the mountains and the beach I am pleasantly surprised at the visitors we have had to the shop. And golly, there are actually people coming in I don't even know! :o) But the really fun part is I am getting to know these new folks as well because they are not just coming back they are bringing their friends! Truly high praise to the artists and buyers for the shop.
Part 2 of the "plan" begins in September when the kids are back in school. I am marketing the portfolios of "my" artists to both residential designers and commercial accounts. I am working on building a very diverse body of work so that if a client asks for a specific type of art I have something to show them. I am specifically looking for some abstract painters to represent. So if you are out there, please be in touch!
News on the Bob front: Week 2 of work is taking its toll. Don't know if it fatigue or prosthetic fitting problems but Bob is having issues with slipping and near falls. Of course those incidents wrench his back, hands or hip and are causing secondary health issues. The phantom pain in Bob's amputated limb has escalated to a dramatic level. I should say dramatic to those in the room that watch Bob jump when they occur. Not so much dramatic as plain painful to Bob...
When my good friend Anna's daughter said the classic "no fair" Anna replied "Honey, if life were fair and we got what we deserved most of us would be in BIG trouble!" The majority of time I agree with Anna but in this case I think that it is not right that something that is not even there can cause this much pain. It's not fair. Please pray for relief of Bob's pain.

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