Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Time flies whether you are having fun or not!

Today is August first and I can't quite believe I've been in the space since June and the shop has been open for a whole MONTH. Wow!

I must say that being in the space does reinforce that I have made the right decision in opening the retail gallery. (As opposed to continuing to cram all of my treasures into the my home studio. ) I went into my studio last night and could actually lay my hands on all of the materials I needed to make 2 custom pillows without shuffling piles and moving boxes of merchandise from place to place to uncover the goodies that I needed. Talk about a cheap thrill! It makes it very inspiring to work in both places...

My next mission is to shop for yummies for this Friday night's Store Happy Hour. We really did have a blast last time and I hope that the turnout is just as good this month. It's just no fun having a party if nobody shows up! So DO come and visit that is! We are open from 5-8pm on Friday night and then 10-5 on Saturday.

Something else fun that is evolving at the shop are private parties. We have multiple groups of folks booked in to meet at the store. One group of ladies is renting the gallery room and bringing their unfinished projects to work on. Just think, no little ones running around. We will have music and refreshments. Imagine, the moms will be able to complete an task and speak in complete sentances at the SAME TIME!

Another new group that is forming is a Strategic Goal Group. We will be meeting on the second Thursday of the month at noon for a 60 to 90 minutes. Basically it will be a bring your own lunch time. A time to talk through your personal, professional, or artistic goals getting feedback from and brainstorming with others in the group. We have room for 2 to 3 more people in the group so if you are interested, please email me directly. Knowing the folks involved already it will be a blast!

Hope your day is as bright as mine!
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