Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Bob & Ellen!

Time flies faster and faster. I was chatting with a supplier this morning and heard the dreaded "well, you KNOW it is only 9 weeks to Christmas! You had better get moving!" And I thought YEE GADS! She's right!

The GREAT news is I have made some superb connections for holiday. Mary Ann Graham, Carol Vardeman, France Briere and Pat Swinsky are ALL bringing handcrafted ornaments for the holidays. I am tickled to death to have them working with me; they are so talented! (of course I am a BIT prejudiced I have been buying their goods for YEARS for my home...)

Today is my neighbor Ellen's birthday as well as my beloved husband's 50th. Guess who is making a bigger fuss? We are just happy Bob is walking the earth on October 12th. You've heard non-stop how interesting my neighbors are, there is some wacky birthday synchronicity on the street too. There are four pairs of people who share birthdays on the block, isn't that unusual? (Some would say CREEPY!) I am busy trying to figure out how many balloons I can cram into a four door sedan for the birthday party tonight. I'll let you know later I many I managed!

Speaking of Bob, he got some good news on the physical therapy front. His physiatrist has approved therapy for his arthritic hip (to facilitate ease of movement). Bob is all excited that he going to "real" therapy as opposed to gait training. Of course the sweating and muttering that occurs when he is exercises reminds him it is not all massage and hot compresses! Bob adores his therapists though. They are so supportive and don't cut him any slack. Sounds like his wife!

The shop will be open Saturday morning during the Farmer's Market. Hope to see you there!
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