Saturday, January 26, 2008

Trees - 2 ways!

Here are 2 versions of trees from our resident watercolor artist Debby Conn. I think it is great how she can take the same shapes and create two entirely different moods with her brush. Of course I just think Debby is great (but I could just be sweet talking her into working for me some Saturday...).

Am more than just a little overwhelmed by how many balls I am juggling at the moment. I haven't dropped any except the clean house ball and laundry-put-away ball and those are not the most vital are they? Unless of course one wants one's children to wear clean underwear to school .

Have got my working shoes on (Chuck Taylor's) so I can get started rearranging the store. My kids have a teacher's work day off from school so they will be "helping" me on Monday. Yippee! Actually to give them credit my beloved offspring were AWESOME when it came to helping decorate the store for Christmas. They must have hung 300 Christmas ornaments and you would have never know an eight and eleven year old had had their hands in the room. So I am sure they will do the same again. If you come in on Monday and you see 2 kids glued to a movie eating pizza you will know I was wrong!

A quick reminder that this Friday is FIRSTFriday and I am COMPLETELY paranoid that I will throw a party and that no one will come so if you have been contemplating stopping in please do. I know it is hard to get motivated when it is cold and dark outside but it is warm and fun here at the shop! Friday Night 5 to 8pm.
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