Monday, April 21, 2008

892 sixth graders, holy moly.

I look back and realize I haven't written in a week and I wonder what HAVE I been doing? One BIG thing I did last week (seemingly even bigger than my son's all school field trip!) was attend my daughter's concert in the Fairfax County Honor's Chorus Concert. It was very impressive. Not only the kids singing, which was sublime, but the logistics of getting almost NINE HUNDRED six graders in one place at one time, opening their mouths in unison was simply amazing. A lot of us parents want the conductor to come to our homes and tell our kids what to do! My daughter sang with half a dozen kids from her elementary school plus we knew four other children- friends from different schools that were singing as well. As a matter of fact, my angel friend Gretchen saw me standing in line for the ladies room (because of course although my daughter went when I asked her to before we left I neglected to go) and said "Friend, we have room for you!" and it was a good thing too or I never would have found a seat! Kudos to all of the music teachers in the county for working so hard to get the kids ready and to Hayfield Secondary for hosting. The school did an amazing job getting the kids and their parents (!) in and out.

Found these crazy pineapple pillows when I was out treasure hunting. Aren't they a hoot? Anybody have a surf bedroom out there?

Spring is in full rage in the Washington DC metro area. The famous cherry blossoms are on their way out but my first azalea is in bloom down in the back yard. It's funny, my house is on the shady side of the street and our flowers come out weeks after out neighbors across the street. The good thing about that is the spring last longer. The hard part is waiting for my blooms to emerge! Hope your spring has sprung!

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