Saturday, April 5, 2008

April Flowers....

What a GREAT weekend I am having. Friday evening was loads of fun. We had lots of animated, interesting, fun folks in the shop, some all the way from Buckeystown (!) to check out the new art and see all of the new treasures. One highlight of the evening were parades of littlest shoppers: girl scouts dressed in togas on their way to an regional event event and The Fashion Show Of The Clashing Hat. New trend? Hmmm, maybe not!
The unheard of occurred when all of my daughter's massive birthday cake was eaten at one sitting. My experience is normally the little people eat all of the decorations and it sits there forlornly on the table.... Not so Friday.
Saturday was great; we sold three pieces of art. That makes it a good day for the artists as well as me! The weather was sunny and brisk after a forecast of day long thunderstorms so I was delighted by the gift of the sun that brings walking traffic to visit me.
On a not so good note though, there were a lot of broken bones this week. TWO of my artists have broken hands and one of our favorite customers was hit broadside and suffered a broken clavicle and a separated shoulder. Ever the optimist Diana reminds me that it's her right side that is injured and that she is left handed! God's healing touch on all of these friends and those you know as well.
Speaking of healing: the Bob update. Bob has upped his hourly laps from one to three around the house per hour and is gaining speed and rhythym! He now can sit up for short spells at a relaxed angle, and can stand assisted for longer periods of time. Bill the therapist says Monday they are going to start stair climbing, and although Bob is angling for heading up the interior flight to get back into his own bed to sleep, my guess is that they will start with the front porch steps! Posted by Picasa

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