Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Sneak peek for Jennifer!

I do so love making things! And it is even more fun when I know they are already paid for. It's hell being a middle class capitalist rather than a starving artist, or rather I should say an aspiring middle class entrepreneur! These pillows are for my fellow artist Jennifer for sundry gift giving occasions in her life. My personal favorite is the first one but I think it is because I am impresed with Grandma's arm muscles as she surf casts. We should all look so good!

As you can see, you can make a pillow for just about anything. To decorate your kid's room, mom's day, weddings, babies you name it, I have probably made a pillow or ornament to go with it! I really enjoy people's reactions when they see the pillows. It makes the occasional misstep all worthwhile!

Today is my birthday so wish me a happy day if you see me!

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jimmy jackson said...

When it come to the matter of decorating kids bedding pillows should be made with fine quality materials so that no side effects for kids and also these pillows shapes should look unique.

Theresa said...

you are right Jimmy! I use hypoallergenic filling in my kid pillows and I don't think you can get MORE unique than their own art!