Tuesday, June 3, 2008

O come Lettuce adore her...

I had one of those "mom" moments this past week. I told my daughter I would help her make a costume for her Girl Scout literary party where they dress up as their favorite book character. I thought "How hard could it be to sew a Hogwarts crest on a cape?" Well, apparently Herminone Granger has been supplanted by manga madness. Add to the discovery someone called "Lettuce" is a favorite character with the fact that I am not inclined to ship air express Halloween costumes direct from Japan, and this mama was doing something she had never done before. Sew the equivalent of an ice capades costume from scratch. Without a pattern. A week sooner than I thought it was due because I had my events confused (although I should have known that she wasn't wearing a costume to her awards banquet. I must say I was actually feeling the sin of PRIDE because it came out REALLY well! Next stop the Hair Cuttery for some green hair spray. Hope it washes out...
June is upon us and so are June brides! And grooms, and lovely weddings. It is a lot of fun to take invitations and turn them into memory pillows. They really are unique gifts!

This Friday is FIRSTFriday of Falls Church so come on out and join the fun! We are open 5 to 8pm on Friday. Lots of new art, Cathy Soltys is launching her newest collection and Kristi is rolling in the racks of Hawaiian shirts! It'll be great, stop by-
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