Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gaining Momentum

You know that feeling when you are inching your way to the VERY top of the world's largest roller coaster and as it goes over the edge you are weightless for a second before the g-force hits you as you scream down hill? Well, that is how I feel planning our upcoming art show! We have reached a critical mass of artists (so I know I will like the way the show physically looks), I have commitments for the caterer, the music and the facility. Now all (?!?) I have to worry about is getting folks to come to the event. It's for SUCH a good cause, so I can only pray that folks rally 'round.

Progress is being made on other fronts as well. Remember those three gigantic trees that came down in my yard? The trunks have been removed, the branches chipped (an EIGHT HOUR endeavor) and yesterday the stump grindin' guy came out to annihilate any vestige of my once proud foliage. Thanks to neighbor Henry, my gnarly butterfly bush was unscathed and said driver didn't compact my neighbor's yard (although it was a near miss!) Good man though, did a tidy job, actually swept my broken and battered patio...

We've got lots of new merchandise in the shop. A new batch of the "cutest tooth fairy pillows ever" as one of our dentally challenged shoppers phrased it. New artisan jewelry and lots of mid century pottery pieces. I am here both Friday and Saturday from 10 to 2 (usually by 9:30 on Saturday!) so stop by and say "hi!"

If you know any artists (whether amateur or professional) that would care to submit to the show, have them contact me. I'd love to hear from them!
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