Monday, July 28, 2008

Quintessential Customers

Saturday brought me a lovely treat. Two ladies dressed like ladies: vintage mid century frocks, cute shoes, vintage jewelry. Clients after my own heart! (But not my waistline, I must say. It's hard being six foot two and unable to wear all of the vintage fashion I love. That is why I live vicariously through women like Becky & Lori!) They had a grand time trying things on and left with fun fripperies: beaded gloves, flowered hats and fun summer dresses. The only bad side? They are here with the army and moving within a year. Darn.

ART SHOW UPDATE: We now have 19 local artists participating in the upcoming "Artists Helping Others" show in August 22nd and 23rd. The food is all accounted for, left to take care of is music and all that behind the scenes PAPER. Programs, art cards, etc., etc. All of you that have done this before PLEASE tell me what I am forgetting!

It has been brought to my attention that we have made it onto "Open List" for Falls Church. Please feel free to visit the site and review the shop, so other people can learn what you like about the local artists at the gallery and the rest of our quirky mix. is the link if you care to participate!

Linda Morgan of Purple Cat Cards brought in a collection of her larger collages to add to her card line at Stifel & Capra.
We have 5 left in stock with various themes, including two manly oriented ones regarding dad and Guiness (uh, not together though...)

You've heard it said that three of anything is a collection? I have three vintage canteens in the shop right now (why? who knows!) One girl scout, one boy scout, one more Michigan camp style, just right to hit the trail with!

When you hit the trail this week be sure to stop in the gallery. This Friday is August 1st and that means FIRSTFriday celebrations in Falls Church! Kathy O'Brien will be here with her newest South River Collection of fun jewelry both Friday from 5 to 8pm and Saturday from 10 to 5pm.

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