Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More excitement!

"Fish Frolic on the Potomac" - I think Beth has outdone herself with this one. Of course you haven't yet seen the mermaids frolicing in the Tidal Basin either! I hope you can stop in on Friday night. It should be LOTS of fun.

I am plotting and planning the holiday hours for the rest of the year. We are repeating our Black Friday Champagne Brunch the day after Thanksgiving. Last year was a lotof fun. There were ladies that came at 10 that had been shopping since five am. Uh, wow? Got to admire the dedication!

I am thinking of hosting a Mens Shopping night on a couple weeknights in December. What do you think? Free advice, free gift wrapping, gift certificates, sales, parking in the rear of the building and best yet: NO GOING TO THE MALL. What do you think?

I am working through my to-do list of pricing new merchandise & plowing through the paper trail today. Whew, it's never ending!

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