Monday, October 13, 2008

Lots of Fireworks at the sale!

Wow! Lots of excitement at the sale on Saturday. I recruited Ashleigh and Bob to help at the shop and it was a good thing. We were busy from when we set up until when we closed shop. Yay! Special thanks the illustrious Messers Collins & Baum for helping up set up and tear down.

I got home and the (Love ya!) got a call from my Ting & Pixie artist. Turned around and met her at the store. Good thing too, Jenn brought in lots of yummy jewelry that would make great gifts.

Then the whole crew went to a neighborhood block party in the afternoon. What a glorious day to be outside with one's friends!

I am here this morning trying to clear out the debris field from the sale. Fascinating how paperwork seems to take more time than actually running the store some days. Enjoy your holiday, if you have one!

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