Friday, February 20, 2009

Star Pupil - Star Teacher!

Lisa Rodriguez's "Draw from the Inside Out" Portrait class was fascinating last evening. In just two hours Lisa explained how to capture a likeness from the bone structure to the flesh. Lisa has a very laid back informative style where you don't realize how much knowledge she is imparting until you think back on it or you are waving your hands around in the air, trying to explain it to someone else! Karen proved a VERY apt pupil. She hasn't tried her hand at a face since high school art class - Look what she accomplished with just one workshop!

Lisa will be teaching again at Stifel and Capra. Please see the Event schedule on my website to get more details!
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Karen Jackson said...

I had a great time and learned a lot of tips. It was such an easy and relaxed atmosphere in which to take a class. I'm really looking forward to the other classes I signed up for!

Karen Jackson said...

PS. Lisa is a great teacher - full of good tips and techniques.