Wednesday, May 20, 2009

transformation -

Robyn the Paint Diva is doing the COOLEST paint treatment on the wall in the bathroom and dressing room. It is a troweled on plaster technique incorporating bits & bobs of jewels of all sorts. Remember last week when I was whining about prepping the area? Well, I did a COMPLETELY inadequate job from the looks of Robyn's meticulous work. I guess that is why SHE is the professional decorative painter! I can't WAIT until she gets to the color. Robyn is going to apply a teal blue color. It is going to look yummy! Robyn will also have sample boards and a portfolio at the shop so if you were thinking of transforming a space, she's your woman for sure!!!

This trunk once was a scratched and battered storage box but now has been transformed to a fun & functional decorative piece. It came out better than I expected frankly! My mission for the week was to finish something that I had started before the move. So far this week I have finished the trunk, three collages, and the laundry!

Remember the quote on of this work when you are worried about what the world thinks....
Happy Wednesday!
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