Friday, June 14, 2013

A new way of looking at things- Part 1

After Posting the lovely Lesley Riley's guest post I looked at my own blog and realized I had drafts in the system that are MONTHS old.  Sadness.  Working on the theory that if you haven't heard it is all new to you here it is...  From April 27th 2013

Paint squirts right out of  pump. I heart Jesse Reno!
 I ran away from home on my birthday!  My kids are old enough to be offended but I went anyway.  Where to the Art & Soul Mixed Media Conference in Virginia Beach to take ONE CLASS.  A 2 day class to be sure, from my favorite wild haired, tattooed man, Jesse Reno. Jesse's art  is dark, mysterious and just a little bit creepy for me but I really respect him as an instructor and his is one of those little voices I hear in my head when I am so busy working on my "to-do" list that I don't make art.  And uh, why isn't making art ON my to do list???  A question for another day!
Stage 1 - frankly, I liked this as is!
The workshop I recently took is called "Freedom to Create" and it about how by disrupting what you THINK you WANT to make you come out with something deeper, literally more layered and more tremendous.  This philosophy applies to life as well as art making.  As I met Jesse for the first time 6 years ago I can attest to the fact that he DOES practice what her preaches. Because his life now doesn't look like what he thought it would be six years ago.  That he seems more content and yet more enthused about his life.  Who doesn't want a piece of THAT?  Without giving away Jesse's lecture you can see a little bit of the process here.
Stage 2 - Obscuring the rhythm
The coolest part?  This is all finger painting and oil pastels!  So thrilled as when I normally try to mix colors everything usually ends up, uh a not so delightful shade of brown.  I cloistered myself this time at the retreat.  I had gradiose plans to work on my blog, fire up my Thriving Creatives event and instead sat on my balcony, looked at the water and just rested.  And slept the sleep of the overworked and comatose.  This is a good thing.  The question begs, what's next?
Finding the soul- it's in there!

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