Friday, June 28, 2013

Fashion Conscious - TAP giveaway Day 3

One of the most traumatic things about ME selling vintage clothes is that none of them fit.  And I don't mean "none" as in the "wow folks were sure smaller back in the old days" but "Hi, my name is Theresa and I am over six foot tall and NOT built like Twiggy" kind of small.  Explains why I sewed all of my own clothes as a teenager.  Might explain why I wear black 90% of the time (no, wait that is just laziness!).

The good news is all my life I have loved matching things up.  People (have 2 marriages to my credit), jobs (was a recruiter for almost 20 years) and personal shopping for clients in my shop.  I can eyeball almost anyone and tell what will fit and what will look good on them.  Makes me happy to see them all dressed up and looking GOOD! and of course I get bragging rights about their "fabulous-ness" as well...

The collage above was made from a 60's "fashion preview" brochure from a long defunct department store.

I used TAP to layer the fashion images directly onto acrylic paint on canvas (Only in a WELL-ventilated area with proper equipment, of course, cough...).  The free form "Thread Sketch" in the lower quadrant I learned to make at Art & Soul in Virginia Beach from the lovely and talented Elin Waterston.  Try her class if you can; it was a delight.

TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) Blog HopDetails  
Visit me on the 29th and the other artists below to learn more about Tap and possibly win a class to learn all the trick of the trade on how to use it! 

Here are the details on Lesley's class.
June 26 - Christine Urias - Scraptime
June 27 - Karen Watson -- The Graphics Fairy
June 28 - Judy Coates Perez - Judy Coates Perez
June 29 - Theresa Wells Stifel - Stifel & Capra
June 30 - Lynn Krawczyk - Fiber Artysta
July 1 - Claudine Hellmuth - Claudine Hellmuth
July 2 - Gina Rossi Armfield - Joyful Purpose
July 3 - Carolyn Dube - A Colorful Journey
July 4 - Liz Kettle - Stitch Journeys
July 5 - Jane LaFazio - Janeville
July 6 - Joanne Sharpe - Whimspirations
July 7 - Pam Carriker - Pam Carriker      July 8 - Theresa Martin - Theresa Martin 


carol ann perkins said...

I just love online classes and image transfer!

Jo Murray said...

Enjoyed your post...and love your work.
TAP sounds amazing. I MUST know more!

Edie said...

Clothes never fit me, a Really Rubenesque type, either. So I sew!

Vicki said...

I can't wait to try TAP!