Monday, August 24, 2015

OK, I know it is still summer but...

 Took my daughter up to her second year of art school on Sunday. I was struck by that air of expectation that floated over campus.  New beginnings- back to school.  My son doesn't start until after Labor Day so I am floating in this weird sort of limbo.  Feeling motivated and energized to start the new season but not waiting to wish away the time I have left of summer.

I must confess that my biggest summer indulgence is sleeping in.  With the shop not opening until 10 I can get up at 8 and still have a leisurely morning.  Of course the price I pay for that is all of the things that DON'T get done in my well rested state. During the school year I am up by 6 and have 31/2 hours to exercise, meditate, make art, do chores, or do paperwork before the shop opens and my phone starts ringing.
 My perennial problem? As Steven Covey so elegantly puts it - putting First Things First.  I can't do EVERYthing I want to before I head to work. So how does it get done when I run out of steam at night after being perky all day? How do I juggle the interminable list  of to-do's of the business owner and actually hang out with my son while he still lives here? How do I stay in touch with and support my family and friends that need my help and love?
 My biggest failing is I am an "all or nothing" kind of gal so today I DID get my spiritual reading done, my house is clean but no art happened and the only exercise I got was running up and down the stairs with the laundry!
The good news? All those hours in the car doing the college run gave me some thoughts about regrouping and restarting.  Let me know if you have any hints.  This donut around my middle has GOT to go.  Maybe I need to re-read that Covey book.

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