Friday, March 11, 2016

The Agony & The Ectasy

Yesterday was a REALLY tough day. And a wonderful one.  With having to pack out almost 3000 square feet of retail space that contained over 100 consignors and 40 artists, "winding down" is a daunting task.  I have almost all of the consignment picked up and now the artists and artisans are coming to pick up their wares and say goodbye to the shop and me.  Brutal and lovely.

The bittersweet was reinforced by first time customers walking in the shop telling me how lovely it is and how they can't wait to come back. Or not. Ow.

I am reminded I only work with people whose I like and whose work speaks to me.  So it is really hard to say "until next we meet" to those folks because I don't WANT to say goodbye. And the reality is I probably won't see them much going forward.

So yesterday was full of a few tears, a whole lot of hugs, a few really special gifts and a really good bottle of wine,

I love to start things.  I hate to end them.

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