Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lewes here we come!

Just got back from a week's vacation! What an eventful trip. Our buddies Bruce and Pete helped Bob devise a prototype"Sand Walker" to get from the parking lot and back if the free Lions Club beach wheelchair is not available. It is a workout for Bob but the walker worked great. Not only could Bob get around on top of the sand but he could get IN the water and float and frolic with the kids like old times. We gobbled down too much local corn (is there such a thing?), salty snacks and wine so back to exercise routine now that we are home. We were blessed with lots of friends and relatives visiting so lots of laughing and kid noise coming out of the house. I am SURE the neighbors are a wee bit happy we are gone! :o) Thanks to David for jumpstarting the riding mower and taking care of the lawn PLUS all of the other maintainence he did. Thanks to Dave we have counters repaired, sinks that don't wobble and he and Pete installed a monsterously long banister so Bob can walk up and down the stairs without danger of flipping over the rail!

Also did some fun antiquing for the store. Funky hats (Vogue says they are back in for fall!) and yummy, fluffy pieces of chenille including an unusual peacock bedspread. I am getting all of the pieces inventoried and priced so they should be ready for August's FIRSTFriday celebration. Remember we are having an Open House 5-8pm on Friday, August 3rd. Libations and yummies galore as well as fun people, local artists and new art and ornaments. Come visit!
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