Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More IS More

Figure Studies by TW Stifel
 You know, just when I thought things were getting a little stable around here and I could focus on some of my big long term projects around here I got hit with some major changes.  I was facing the fact that folks that have been with me for years (some since the beginning in this location) literally have out grown their Stifel & Capra spaces and are moving on. 

Twin Oak Studio Signs and "Brooklyn Bound" by TW Stifel
 The myriad of feelings run the gamut. Panic as I am scrambling to find new tenants in the midst of being sick for the first time in years and all I want to do is lay down. Overwhelmed as folks come out of the wood work presenting all of their lovely wares. Chagrined over the feeling that I am rejecting some one's best efforts because it's not a good fit for the shop or my style.  Enthused as I bask in other's artistic efforts.  Motivated as remember how I love to foster creativity in others.  Fear as I wonder whether all of the folks who SAID they wanted to take classes really WILL.  Sad as I recognize despite protestations of getting together I won't see the "departed love ones" once they are ensconced in their new routines.  Grateful for the "thank you for your support" & the "don't worry you will be fine, I believe in you" conversations.
NEW CeCe Caldwell Paint Display
The most overwhelming emotion is one of bemusement.  It bewilders me that people are astounded I am giving out direction postcards to Kelly's new Stylish Patina   home a mile down the road or talking up to new Studios and & Gallery at Gallery Underground in Crystal City .  Why wouldn't I?  The fact that these new venues are opening is amazing.  It means business is hopping and life is getting better for a lot of folks. Two Falls Church gift boutiques closed about the time I opened 5 years ago and I was constantly flummoxed by the people who asked if I was happy they weren't still in business! 

I am a FIRM believer in the "More is More" theory.  The more you have, the more there is to share.  Think of a thriving downtown with lots of dining and shopping.  Think of parties with people dancing, more is MORE!  If you have ever had a meal at the Stifel house you know we believe that there is never enough food.  
Estate of the Nation Chair, Handbasket Yarn Scarf
 I try really hard to provide an extremely eclectic offering of vintage goodies, art and craft at  Stifel & Capra.  I try to avoid having artist work that are too similar in the shop because what kind of choice would you have if they were all alike?  Not these artists & artisans .  With all of the talent in the world and all the great American Pickers out there I think there is room for everyone to be in the business of helping our patrons create happy birthdays, happy anniversaries, happy holidays and happy homes!  Do you agree?

Persimmon Street Ceramics