Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phil Napala - Renaissance Man

We in the 'hood have always called Phil Napala the Renaissance Man, what else do you call a rocket scientist that is a gourmet cook, musician and photographer? Well, we need to add teacher and wall painter to the list! In exchange for his superlative job teaching his Principles of Digital Photo manipulation class last week I "let" Phil help me paint some upstairs art studios in our new space on Monday. Now, mind you he hasn't even started working on his own dedicated studio yet... A thousand thank yous Phil!
These two shots are what his two students were working on went they went out the door. Pretty amazing for two hours, eh? I thought so! Kathy thought so too,
here's what she had to say - "In a short time, Phil Napala gave us effective tools to use to produce impressionistic representations of our favorite photographs. He shared his simple, but effective secret for how to spot a good photographic opportunity, and then showed us some basic tools in Photo Shop Elements that he uses to produce his most incredible art. I am so excited now, and feel well-equipped to progress on my own using the principles he taught in the class. I hope to be there for his next session, to get his critique and further instruction."
Phil IS teaching more later in the session , so let me know if you are interested in attending!
PS The Shops & Studios is over 65% rented. We have 5 gallery/studios spaces left. If you are a positive, talented artist that would like to be part of this new enterprise, please contact me.