Friday, October 15, 2021

Guess who is coming to visit?

It has been such a blessing to have friends and family vaccinated, and feeling good enough to travel!

 My family and I just invested in some new beds for the extra bedrooms. (The recently graduated kid is wondering why we did not upgrade until he left with a bed but is enjoying the new accomodations.)
There are a few things you can do to make your guest room comfortable for your long awaited guests.
We have a sign in our guest room with the wifi password and a reminder where the extra blankets, towels and toiletries are.
While I confess one of the dressers is full of household misc., the other dresser is completely empty so our guests can unpack and not live out of a suitcase. 
We also have a comfy chair, a lamp and a small table in case someone needs an impromptu office set up.
Something that is somewhat unique to our house is a step to hop up into this extra tall country pine bed!
We have layered linens, added extension cords for chargers, sorted blinds to block out the sun, found a luggage rack, upgraded our overhead fan, fluffed both feather & foam pillows, stacked up a plethora of reading materials and are grateful for renovated bathroom. 

I will confess some of these additions came about when one of us had to sleep in the guest room post surgery and realized what was lacking.

So if you wonder if your guest room is good enough for your sainted mother in law or your particular friend, try spending the weekend in the room yourself. 

Then you will be sure your house feels like a home and your guests will feel like family.