Friday, October 19, 2007

I haven't even STARTED shopping yet...

Had a lot of fun this week (Come to think of it do I EVER say I have haven't at the shop?). Delivered a huge order to a VERY patient client: 26 individual items with hand embroidery and personalized photos. Same client will remain nameless in case you are on her Christmas list!

Spoke to our man, Mr. Hawthorne at the Falls Church News-Press and he was full of compliments about the place. Good to have friends in the media I suppose!

I am taking the family to Delaware this weekend so Beth will be resident "shopgirl" tomorrow. She'll be here from 9:30 to 12:30 so come over, have a cup of coffee and see all of the new goodies in the store!

Bob update: physical therapy is arduous but seems to help his hip pain and thus his mobility. Of course then he feels good so he immediately over does it and hurts himself. *sigh*Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jam-PACKED full of fun!

"so, Theresa, what did you do this weekend?"
I threw Bob a 50th birthday party with the Pinewood neighbors Friday night. Had a grand time: Appetizers, libations, and lots of great chat. Bob got some hysterical gifts and did NOT, I repeat, did NOT set off the smoke detector (see 50 candles at left!).

Saturday morning got up and had fun at the shop. Glorious day for folks to be out shopping so we were lucky enough that some people came inside to spend it at Stifel and Capra! In a MUrphy's LAw corollary, two women came in and bought everything Robin and I had just posted to the web so I had to take them back off again!
Don't get me wrong I am thrilled the pieces sold but I am A LOUSY typist so am not thrilled that I need to do six more!
Saturday afternoon headed out to my parents' in the country and spent a leisurely dinner and visit with them. We all sat around discussing our various medical symthoms. Eek, guess I really am getting old.... After a yummy steak dinner and too many stories we turned in to rest up for...

Sunday - where we met up with neighbors in West Virginia for their annual farm party. What a blast! Beautiful sunny day, great food and company, and the beloved Susan. Susan, is the temptress for a local rescue shelter. She brought Emerson (see below left) with her to see if anyone wanted to file for adoption. well, who couldn't want this cute little guy? We refused to succumb as Bob is not yet stable on his feet, but boy, oh boy were we tempted!
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