Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day & lots on sale!

My 15 minutes of Washington Post fame officially over I am basking in the glow of my Falls Church News Press "Movers and Shakers" delineation (thanks Sally!). Of course after all I ate yesterday there is probably more shaking than I want to talk about....

Amazing how eight hours a sleep can color one's attitude for the better. After a solid night's sleep I am feeling downright perky this morning. I gathered up all of the mark-down and sale items in one area of the store for the bargain shoppers to review.

I had a glorious Christmas. We went to late-ish services on Christmas Eve at Vienna Presbyterian . The staff and all of the musicians always work hard but it is really on display during Christmas and Easter. The music was amazing! Christmas Day brought an almost obscene cycle of eating and opening gifts with rounds of family. LOTS of fun and VERY loud.

In our post dinner food coma ironically we watched The Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern eat on the "Bizarre Foods" show and wondering how bizarre other cultures would find our holiday repasts...

Merry Christmas!

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