Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It takes time.

My sister Robin (known to all far & wide as the left side of my brain) gave me a Amaryllis on Christmas Day. I think hers is about to bloom but as you see mine is poking along. It will get there, eventually. I get impatient and then I think of the fact that I have daffodils in my yard into April, tulips until May or June and azaleas until summer. I guess there are some advantages to living on the shady side of the street but I don't always see them when I am impatient for thing (plants, flowers, events) to happen.
I guess it's like my innate disability to do almost anything physically right the first time. I took tennis lessons one time and my teacher told me delicately that I had "poor muscle memory" meaning it took a looooooooooonnnnnngggggg time for my body to "remember" how to do something "correctly" (in this case, poor man, swing a racket). It's hard for me to try new things because it takes SO much effort, especially when I am comparing myself to others. I need to remember even the things I AM good at now it took me a long time when I first started to get up to speed. Why is this a topic of thought this am? Maybe when my phone got stolen I just bought a new version of the same one I had before. Maybe because I got a new laptop and and all I have done in 4 days is take it out of the box and look at it because I don't want to be tortured by new technology. I seem to forget that it will save me time in the long run if I learn how to do it right in the short run. I can hear my mom's voice saying that in my head. Of course she was talking about scrubbing the bathtub (do kids even have chores anymore?). Of course I am lucky, I can call Mom and get more advice whenever I want. In the last week my friends Janet, Beth & Jodi all lost their fathers. Time to remember what they taught us. All my regards-
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