Friday, October 14, 2011

What's not there.

It's telling when the mundane crashes into the profound. 

No cute blog entry last week because all the awesome shots of Judy's daughter Haley looking marvelous in my oh so tiny vintage clothes somehow vanished from my camera. NEVER since I switched to digital as an entire file been deleted.  I am really at a loss to explain it.

Wednesday after tediously nagging my son about his missing, forgotten, misplaced shoes, homework, electronic devices etc. and explaining (again tediously) how when you have "issues" like my dyslexia one has to get in the habit of creating fail safes, adding columns three times, spell check et al I promptly misplaced my driver's licence, credit card and gift receipt for my husband's birthday gift because I had them in my pocket instead of the purse I was too lazy to carry into the store and now they are just gone. I am really at a loss to explain it.

Yesterday while meeting my friend Anna for lunch, she explained that one of the hard things about life after losing her 12 year old son to a freak flashflood is what's missing.  Hearing kids playing outside and knowing your kid isn't there.  They say time heals but I don't know how.  I really am at a loss to explain it.