Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Mine seem to be the same pretty much every year, usually involving keeping my temper, losing weight and organizing my ever expanding "stash" of art supplies. This year my thoughts are headed down the same path with the added thought that if I actually follow my already carefully crafted plans from last year that I should be in great shape for 2008!

Last New Year's Eve I remember my friend Kristin asking me what my plans were for 2007 and I replied that for once I actually hadn't made any formal goals as of yet. The next day as we were packing to go to the beach I kept going out the door with arms full and not accepting help from my friends. Kristin and Judy reminded me that NOT accepting a friend's offer of help created inequities in friendships and that I should quit being so darn independent (from my frontier western upbringing, I suppose) and ask for favors occasionally. So the Joke of New Year's 2007 was that I was going to be a "taker" and say yes whenever anyone offered anything. Of course 2 weeks later my husband was in the intensive care unit at Fairfax and 2 weeks after that he was recovering from having his leg amputated from complications from a blood infection. I learned that accepting --prognoses, prayers, food, help, yard work is as much of a blessing as giving.

I also discovered that when you are open the world opens up to you. After deciding to take the path to open the shop I have been overwhelmed by the positive response from the community to the business path I have chosen. Funny how my passion for vintage "treasures" is considered trendy and "green" now and the whole "think globally, act locally" ethos extends to not only the glorious produce at the Farmer's Market across the street but embraces the local artists and artisans that are humoring me my letting me show their work at my gallery. Before I never would have asked....

Here's to a riotously successful, robustly healthy 2008!

Remember FIRST Friday January is this weekend! Cookie Bar is open Friday 5 to 8pm and we are here all day Saturday from 10 to 5. Stop by I'd love to see you!
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