Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Running, running, running.

whew!  Insane fun at our THIRDthursday client ppreciation open house.
so MUCH fun, in fact that I neglected to take photos of the event while it happened. 
Suffice to say that our 40 party go-ers had a BLAST.  Our clients really enjoyed watching our artists demo their craft, chatted up  a storm and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  
Do come see all of our new artisan goods and the aMAZing sales items in the Sunroom Saleroom!  Cigar boxes 3 to 5 bucks!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Orleans Flashback - Day 2 Sept 22nd

As the Government furloughs are HEAVILY affecting sales at the shop I prefer to flashback to my 2nd honeymoon in New Orleans.  Day 2 visuals for your enjoyment. 
Bob did NOT test open the umbrella before we got on the plane.  (We picked him up another one along the way.)

Rain is dramatic in New Orleans. The sidewalks are VERY canted as are the streets.
Rain makes for dramatic pictures though...
We ventured out under umbrella to Frenchman's Lane not remembering that it doesn't get cranking until 10 o'clock at night!  We heard music and swung into Mojito's to hear this Blues trio playing tucked under the patio roof in the pouring rain.  Surprisingly we had the best bite of the whole trip there.  Cheese Jalapeno grits with seared shrimp.  Snappy, smoky HUGE shrimp. yum.
The rain stopped and we sauntered back to the hotel. Admiring street performers and shop windows along the way.
Awesome displays!  Made me jealous- our shop is an old house so we don't have big display windows. darn.
Add a comfy couch and I would move in here!  I really like the subtle colors and airiness of the display.
Love the "more is More" elements to this window!
A reminder of things past. Everywhere in New Orleans.
Back at home- Met some fantastic folks this weekend.  Visitors from out of town.  Folks that live right in the neighborhood that are venturing out after having babies.  Old clients with free time on their hands. A fun day.