Friday, April 9, 2010

"Found" at The Art League, Torpedo Factory

Actually Beth kept saying "Of course, you'll get in, it's what you do" I actually did!  Get into this month's Art League show "Found" - art featuring found objects.  Actually I got TWO pieces in (see March 17th post for part of the other entry

But, ahem, one is not ALLOWED to have two pieces in so I spoke to the director and picked the wall piece as it is larger (2x4 feet) and more graphic.  The bummer is that had I juried in for the "found" show AND the all members show I would have been qualified to show in the Bin Gallery next year.  For that privelege you have to juriy into three shows throughout the course of the year.   As I am on a mini-roll you might think I was home free but the League's fiscal year ends in June.  Now there is an incentive to actually submit every month!  Stay tuned!  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Downloaded my camera last night and realized a lot of time has elapsed since my last post. Eek. Nothing like the kiddies being out of school to throw off one's inadequate routine. April's FIRSTfriday was a lot of fun, between it being a school holiday and Good Friday I wasn't sure who would be there but my daughter's Girl Scout posse was there en force to wish her a Happy Birthday! The young ladies also modeled some of Ashleigh's lastest vintage fashins. Cute, eh?
Not as cute as Cathy in her bunny ears! The tradional Stifel and Capra sale is "wear your Easter bonnet or bunny ears and get a discount" and there were those awesome clients Charlotte, Jane, Stephanie, Margie and more parading in their bonnets and working the (mostly bling!) discount!
Beth Loftis and I went down to the Art League at the Torpedo Factory on Tuesday to drop off art and ran into a mini-Stifel and Capra meeting - artists Jane McElvany Coonce, Sandi Douglas Parker, Elizabeth Hudgens & Bud Hensgen were all there either submitting pieces or volunteering behind the counter. Fun. More fun because both Beth & I got in! Those photos tomorrow!
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