Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a weekend!

The First Friday of June was a lot of fun. Kristi Brown, my charming Hawaiian shirt purveyor, kept exclaiming "You didn't explain to me that this is a party". Guess she thought that we sat around with our hands in our laps, maybe? Cabot Cheese donated a HUGE yummy cheese spread for the festivities and we had our normal assortment of goodies and beverages to share. Cathy Soltys of Joie de bead presented her newest line and quite a few ladies left happy with new jewels. The lovely Susan SWEARS she is going to give the pearl necklace to her husband to put away until Christmas! We will see about THAT!
Saturday was a gloriously hot day. Frankly I think we got as many new customers as we did because they figured out we had air conditioning. I had a nice surprise on Saturday afternoon. One of my favorite clients came in for a visit. While Lou Ann was browsing she found my pile of art hiding behind a chair (I had taken it down to have room for the luau!), pulled it out, oohed and aahed and bought a piece. VERY flattering way to end the day. THANKS Lou Ann you are always good for my ego!

Sunday through Tuesday, I took off for my "Mommy Mental Health Days". Cousin Terry and I headed for the Eastern Shore, had lunch at St. Michael's on the water and hit all of my favorite haunts to buy goodies for the shop. Wait until you see what I found! Lots of fun vintage jewelry, beautiful pottery and CRAZY psychedelic bed spreads. Groovy is only the beginning of how to describe these things! Made it back in time to see my daughter's orchestra and choir concert. It's amazing what those teachers can do with the kids when in only an hour or two a week...

Other big news on the home front is that my husband Bob picked up his new artificial leg this week. It's pretty nifty. The famous "c Leg". It has a computer in the knee that helps him walk. Think power steering for your limb. It's slimmer and lighter than his old leg so is more comfortable to wear. The first thing he has mastered with the new leg is the ability to walk down stairs foot over foot, instead of coming down the steps like a toddler. No disrespect to a three year old but I think Bob felt a little more like an adult and less like an invalid with just that simple move. It will be interesting to see what the next round of therapy teaches him. Without instruction, Bob is walking with crutches for safety but I am sure that those will disappear soon!

We are gearing up for the end of school. The poor kids will be stuck here at the shop with me a LOT this summer, but they are looking forward to church camp and beaching it with their cousins too. This will be the first year they will be on vacation until September as previously we were at a year round school that went back in August in exchange for extra time off during the year. I miss it already!

Save the Date! June 28th from 9 to 2 is our BACKYARD BIRTHDAY BASH. Local artists, vintage treasures, artisan jewelers, juried crafters, lots of sale items, balloons and birthday cake, what's not to love? Do come and play, won't you????
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