Thursday, April 10, 2014

Putting yourself in position

The good thing about my studio?  I have a beautiful dedicated space to make art. With more "found" collage materials than I will EVER use in my lifetime.

The bad news? It's on a separate floor so it's easy not to get "down there"and actually work on the many half done projects I have cooking.  I have had a rough week/month to the point that multiple friends have chastised me and asked me if I have actually MADE anything this month.  Answer no?
Tried an old trick today.  Set the timer. Half an hour on email, half an hour on work, half an hour on art. Repeat cycle.  Actually got some work done, 3 loads of laundry and an hour of "arting" in when I got a call from an out of town friend asking if I was free for lunch.
Because I wasn't over booked (for a change!) we got to sit outside and Judy treated me to a crab cake sandwich sitting on the new outside patio at Dogwood Tavern. A welcome respite.
Even better, tomorrow is my make up class from a couple weeks ago when I cancelled after falling down my steps, so get to play tomorrow too!  Wish me luck actually loading my truck...