Thursday, April 3, 2014

Best Recommendation

I was standing behind the shop counter yesterday checking my email AND texting a customer when a client walked in the door.  After a hearty greeting and an inquiry as to whether they needed my assistance I went back to my communication after laughing at the fact I looked like one of my teenagers (except that I didn't have earphones in!).

It really is sort of astounding today how many ways of communicating there are.  When I open the shop in the morning, I turn on the open sign, tie balloons to the sandwich board, and prop open the front door.   I ALSO check my email, answering machine, and social media feeds.

On the outgoing front, we send newsletters, make phone calls on land lines and mobile phones, send emails.
The shop also networks with community organizations, contributes to worthy causes, and sponsors student art shows.  We pray for press coverage to reach people we are not connected to spread the word so we can stay in business!

Did you know Stifel and Capra also has a Pinterest Page, Facebook Page, Website, and Twitter feed and an Etsy site?  Although all of these methods are fun and creative and introduce us to amazing people guess which one of these has the highest retention rate the experts say?  Still, hands down?  Recommendation of a friend.

Sometimes the old fashioned things are the best-

Thank you.