Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year! Can you tell what my resolution is?

I love New Year's. Even more than spring (although Beth Hudgens' "Spring" above appeals most) I love the fresh start that New Year brings.  New calender, clean slate, all the excesses of the old year (cookies, chardonnay?) blown away in the fresh gust that is the New Year.

Of course when I look back at the year past I have a bad tendency to see what I did NOT do.  Keep up with blogging, work that social media, make some art, ANY art.  Lose some weight.  What the HECK did I do all last year other than rearrange the furniture at the shop and drive my kids around???

I saw babies born. Saw friends, parents, sons and marriages die.  Worked hard.  Worked on getting over myself (still not quite there).  Laughed, threw parties, cried, prayed harder for people than I ever have in my life to no avail.  Tried to get over that too.  Partially succeeded. 

So here I am.  Older, marginally wiser, and ready to begin again for the 50th time!

When looking at vintage clothes folks are CONSTANTLY astounded by how little ladies were back mid century.  Skirts with 22 inch waists, impossibly slim pants (although some lucky ladies can still wear them, see prior post!) make them seem more like works of art then actual apparel! 

The other thing that was little? The PRICE TAGS!  This is from the 1950's check it out.  Makes you long for the "good old days", although I wouldn't want to wear the girdles!  Every body is beautiful in it's own way...  Cherish yours.

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