Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Embracing Change

I had the audacity to run away this weekend. With the family, to one of my oldest and dearest friend's house. Ok that probably doesn't seem audacious to you but we haven't gone on a trip for the sheer pleasure of it for a long time. 

 I had to beg for shop coverage and pay my lovely staff for bleary winter days in January when most folks are more excited about the Super Bowl that they are about gift shopping.  So it was a big deal.  More about our lovely time later but I just sat down and steeled myself to really LOOK at my email and one of the first things in my inbox was the article below.

It's like it was reading my mind.  Question begs- what is next?  Still thinking. Stay tuned.

Embrace Change in Order To Make A Difference

by Clint Watson

When I first started BoldBrush (the company behind FASO), things were pretty simple. I was the leader, the boss, and all the employees. [...] 

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Miss you already!