Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary (to me!)

When the heavy rain put the kibash on our plans to walk around Old Town Alexandria we headed to Shirlington to go to one of our old favorite restaurants, the Carlyle in Shirlington. Half way through our lobster potsticker appetizer we just thought "Why go anywhere else?" It is so yummy and very reasonably priced. The Managing Partner popped by to say "happy Anniversary" and we regaled Dwight with all of our favorite Bill Jackson stories. (Bill was the rudder and guiding force for the Great American Restaurant Group before he recently passed away.) Dwight told us a few Bill stories too. One was how a very patient Bill taught Dwight to write the fancy chocolate calligraphy birthday plates that decorate one's birthday dessert. Apparently we folied someone's plan though. We were so full that we didn't order dessert so we got OUR fancy anniversary plate along with the , ahem, bill. I love you Bob!
It is still supposed to be raining tomorrow but I will be here with bells on and umbrella stands ready so when you head to the Farmer's Market DO stop by and say "hi" and check out all of the new (and vintage!) goodies at the shop.