Thursday, June 28, 2007

"just a little technical trouble..."

Kind of the story of the day! Lesson learned: Orient blog photos BEFORE you publish.
Next epiphany: with some email programs (MY new one) you actually have to hit "receive"; one's email doesn't automatically populate. Thank heavens Debby was there to click for me before I panicked...
Next revelation: there are kind people at Verizon you just have to get through the menus to speak to them.

Had a fun, full productive day yesterday and today, none the less. Phil and his lovely bride and stalwart son got the picture rail hung with the able assistance of artiste Elizabeth. Laurie, Jean and the whole family came out to help tag and inventory lots of merchandise. Still not done with that one yet though... Got the place put back together after the construction and it is looking good! Cathy and her daughter came by to scope out the joint and swipe my print rack for the "Art in the Park" Event in Falls Church this evening. Also got a pleasant surprise visit from my friend Gail. I haven't seen Gail in ages. It was good to catch up. Gail ,tell the kids I'm impressed with their manners and endurance! We are 4 days to opening and my biggest concern is that I haven't had time to make as much as I would like. Guess that will come as I get more of rhythm when the shop opens. Opens MONDAY. eek.

Speaking of looking good. So was Bob today. He got home from his half day of work toting our take-out dinner ON ONE CRUTCH! Hooray Bob! And in physical therapy today Bob practiced walking with 2 crutches, one crutch, a cane and solo. It is such a gift that every time Bob's spirit starts to falter there is a a progression, a LEAP, to remind him that all the work he is doing pays off in increments. Not all of which are visible to the eye.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

" No, no, it's 210 Little falls Suite 201, NOT 201 Little Falls..."

I'm never one for looking at Mondays as "rough days" but yesterday was an stereotypical Monday alright. Everything I touched didn't work. Computer, mailing list, printing deliveries, sign inquiries- NOTHING worked properly so I did what every red blooded American girl does: I went shopping! Bought a new printer, coffee pot, office supplies and more stock for the shop. Ok THEN I felt better!

Today was full. Go to the lumber yard. Smoot's did indeed have the picture rail I was looking for. Go get paint for said picture rail. Sherwin Williams again mixed my paint and had me out the door in ten minutes flat. I do love that Falls Church location! Wander aimlessly looking for picture rail hooks and long necked light bulbs (but that is another story!) Write store documents while being on hold/"communicating" with VERIZON employees for 74 minutes withOUT getting my issue resolved. Handle tons of correspondence. Start to panic when I realize how soon Monday morning is! Prime and paint picture molding with the help of my entire family and various artist neighbors. (Thanks Beth and Phil). Print more hang tags and wonder how many bugs I will have to sand off of my paint job in the morning before we install! By the end of the day I felt productive enough to make up for yesterday! Oh and the postcards got here. Turns out the trusty printing company transposed my address on the ups address level. *sigh* Good thing they got it right on the cards. Tomorrow: Hanging picture rail!