Friday, March 20, 2015

From trunk to treasure to thirteen messages.

I have a colleague that has "seller's remorse" when something she brings in sells right away. I think she worries that it some long lost Picasso treasure rather than just being happy it found the right new owner in a twinkling of an eye.

A happy example - I had a client who told me that they were looking for an "unconventional shower caddy" for a recent remodel that they had done. After listening to her creative yet vague description I suggested we go to the back of my truck where some (awfully dirty) treasures were waiting to be cleaned up, tagged and put out on the sales floor.

To my delight she jumped on an awesome vintage plant stand, spider webs and all.  The out of the box results are below!

Dear Theresa,
As promised, please see how perfect your newly-hauled plant stand/converted unique shower caddy turned out for us!  A few strategic holes, new Rustoleum paint job and we're good to go forever.  I was trying to replace the little rubber feet, but once scrubbed they were discovered to be in fine shape and ready to go.  Thanks so much for so quickly filling the bill of my "out of the box" look for our shower.
Love it!  And you know I'll be back--to shop your store--or the back of your car for recent discoveries.
Take care.


Speaking of cleaning up, I have spent the better part of the last 60 days cleaning out, filing or responding to my in box. My voice mail box is cleaned out too!  I will admit my to do list is still there but it is focused and singular.  I feel like I have lost weight!  Quite exciting.  (although you know losing weight is on my to do list as well).

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Brooklyn Bound- Revisited

Inspiration can strike anywhere.  An old acquaintance's Facebook post caught my eye.  She was elegantly dressed to catch a train to party in New York. While lamenting the fact that my middle age life did not include such excitement I asked her if I could "appropriate" the photo as inspiration for a collage.  She graciously gave permission. (While it is not illegal to 'borrow' photos in the public domain,  I feel it, it is only proper to ask to use someone's image or take their photo.)

A lovely family came in and bought not one, but TWO of my pieces.  I was thrilled and jestingly asked if they would send me a photo of my art in their new home as I like to see where they land. Not long after - I received this from John.

Hi Theresa,

We like your work very much. When did you make it? This year?

When I first saw your collage I liked it a lot because I saw a rare young woman I thought I recognized -- one with a defined sense of personal style that was somewhat daring confident and casual. I went back to see how you'd made it and liked it even more because what I'd first taken to be carefully drawn and painted, actually seemed to be brilliantly dyed draped and stitched! I admired the intensity you captured in your friend. And I think your medium of collage is so apt simple and surprisingly evocative of flesh blood and spirit. It pops with life and I love looking at it.

Sure you can use the photo.  You're pretty good to make me see your friend the way you see her.  She sounds like a special person. John

You are too, John. You are too.

PS- Blogger & artist Seth Apter is running a "Living with Art" series one his blog right now.  A corner of my living room is lucky  enough to be featured in an upcoming edition. Stay tuned!