Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fun on FIRSTfriday - Inside and out!

We had a great time on FIRSTfriday last weekend.  Attendance was down a WEE bit as it was the local school's homecoming but actually that enabled folks that were there to actually see what was in the shop!  So the artists were happy that sales did not suffer!  Dace Jenkins, our silhouette cutter extraordinaire was here with his wife and family.  I am surprised that Dave's didn't explode from all of the compliments.  Here is an example of one of the charming pieces we have in the shop. (all of the color gradations are done with cancelled stamps.)  Dave's feature wall is up until October 31st.
OUTSIDE now that I have finally sold my sainted, benighted hoosier cabinet we have some wonderful additions for your porch or sun room.  Falls Church resident, by way of Georgia, Deborah Hudgens brought in the prettiest plant and container combos that we have seen in awhile.  We sold half of her stock by Saturday morning.  She is coming in later today to bring in a new batch of goodies so you can have some fresh ones to pick from!
Amy Fromm graced us with her presence as well Friday.  The Interlaken Soak Co. is beckoning me to add "soak my head" (body, feet) to my list of things to do.  Now that the bbq, art show FIRSTfriday is over for now maybe I can jump in the tub.  But wait, I haven't told you about the new consignment store I found or the new local pizza place or....  Posted by Picasa