Sunday, July 18, 2010

Everything's Cool

Everything inside is cool that is. We have been hit with a sweltering summer. Getting the kind of weather in June & July that Wasingtonian's don't normally have to tolerate until August. Ugh. Luckily we have some ongoing events that will help maintain your equilibrium. Amy Brecount White's book "Forget-Her-Nots" is a great summer read. Pick up a copy while to read poolside. Come enjoy the air conditioned comfort of Deborah Conn's Portrait display through July 30th. Debby is so talented she can take your favorite snapshot and turn it into a real work of art.

Forgive the lapse betweeen posting. I am having a hard time keeping up with my fulltime family duties along with the business back end of the store. It is SO much more fun to interact with customers and rearrange the furniture than it is to process accounting entries and think about next quarter. But it all has to get done!
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