Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If you can't go to the beach...

Our beach weekend got curtailed because my husband's employer got a Friday afternoon Request for Proposal from a client. This is a good thing UNLESS you had plans to take the kiddies to the beach for spring break... So as a condolence prize we decided to bomb up to Baltimore for the day and go to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. We had a great, goofy time. I was enamored of the new Jellyfish exhibit. I won't bore you with all of the photos I took but I love this one!
The harbor "chessie monsters" were not running but the "4-D" nature movie was playing at the Aquarium so we got to rock out the 3d glasses! The kids had fun eating up at the bar in the Hard Rock Cafe'. Signature Munchies and souvenir glasses later we headed home and made it back to Virginia in an hour! Woo hoo, my traffic juju holds!
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