Saturday, April 5, 2008

April Flowers....

What a GREAT weekend I am having. Friday evening was loads of fun. We had lots of animated, interesting, fun folks in the shop, some all the way from Buckeystown (!) to check out the new art and see all of the new treasures. One highlight of the evening were parades of littlest shoppers: girl scouts dressed in togas on their way to an regional event event and The Fashion Show Of The Clashing Hat. New trend? Hmmm, maybe not!
The unheard of occurred when all of my daughter's massive birthday cake was eaten at one sitting. My experience is normally the little people eat all of the decorations and it sits there forlornly on the table.... Not so Friday.
Saturday was great; we sold three pieces of art. That makes it a good day for the artists as well as me! The weather was sunny and brisk after a forecast of day long thunderstorms so I was delighted by the gift of the sun that brings walking traffic to visit me.
On a not so good note though, there were a lot of broken bones this week. TWO of my artists have broken hands and one of our favorite customers was hit broadside and suffered a broken clavicle and a separated shoulder. Ever the optimist Diana reminds me that it's her right side that is injured and that she is left handed! God's healing touch on all of these friends and those you know as well.
Speaking of healing: the Bob update. Bob has upped his hourly laps from one to three around the house per hour and is gaining speed and rhythym! He now can sit up for short spells at a relaxed angle, and can stand assisted for longer periods of time. Bill the therapist says Monday they are going to start stair climbing, and although Bob is angling for heading up the interior flight to get back into his own bed to sleep, my guess is that they will start with the front porch steps! Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 4, 2008

FIRSTFriday at Stifel & Capra

Someone in the gallery this morning enquired if it was "tradition" to rain on First Friday. I will say that it certainly seems like it lately! Although at two today the sun today the sun came out. So fingers crossed! We will be at the shop tonight from 5 to 8pm admiring all of the new art AND my daughter's birthday cake. She turns twelve today. Seems like she was 3 last week so I more than a little confused. Every one tells me if I think the first decade went fast , just wait for the second!

Bob seems to have reached a new breakthrough today where he was one step LESS than miserable, actually on the recuperation path, guardedly optimistic. Hhe still has pain standing up and sitting down but feels more comfortable with his exercise routine (probably because his therapist told him to back way off as he Bob was doing too much!) Thank you to everyone who is keeping Bob company while I am at the shop. I feel like I am running about a month behind so every minute is precious. Did I mention I was thankful?

Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month so DO stop in! We will be open from 10am to 5pm for your viewing pleasure (and there is sure to be leftover cake; it's a monster!).
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday with Bob

Amazing how one can feel like one have accomplished absolutely nothing, yet have a day speed by. I guess that is better than it crawling by. I have done nothing today but take care of my hubby, do eight loads of laundry , tidy my studio, make nine phone calls, sort paperwork and well, wait a minute no wonder I am tired and it is only 5:oo. I am waiting for a neighbor to stop in so I have an excuse to sit on the porch! Because it is finally warm enough to. Hooray. That's where Bob is now, reading the mail and enjoying the overwhelming smell of hyacinths and bird song. Cabin fever DOES begin to set in after a time so I am glad he can get out.

These 2 pieces to the left are examples of things undone and things never to be done. The house collage was to be submitted to a quilting magazine's paper quilt challenge. I made two , was most pleased with this one, finished it to the binding and then proceeded to neglect to send in a photo by the deadline to submit it. argh. The second piece is a prelimnary sketch that I was going to do for a family Easter card as we never quite got around to sending Christmas cards this year.
I like the layout well enough so I started adding color and completely ruined it. Good thing I took the photo so I can at least remember the sentiments I was harboring during Lent! All good quotes; all still true. I can tell you that with all we have been through in the past year and a half I know I have reliable friends. I hope you do as well.

Bob update: Bob is walking about 50 steps at a time using his walker and can get in and out of bed with very little help at this point. He still has fairly severe pain in his upper leg. His therapist today told him that he thought he was overdoing it with his exercises. Bob, over do, ya think? And advised more walking, less exercises so more laps today than he is probably happy about. He's a trooper though and muscles through them valiently! Thanks to aforementioned good friends I "get" to go to the shop tomorrow through Saturday; normal hours. Yippee!. Thanks friends.
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Update!

I DID get to see the Falls Church Arts Show Sensazione at Don Beyer Volvo on Friday. Ellen went with me for an hour to admire everyone's work. The crew in charge of the show did a wonderful job setting it up (no thanks to me I was depending completely on the kindness of friends to be involved at all this year). We got there 15 minutes after the show began and it was already crowded. A phenomenal turn-out! If you didn't get a chance to go to the opening selected pieces will be on display at the Falls Church Arts Gallery through April 26th. The gallery is located at 111 Park Avenue and is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

My hubby Bob did NOT make it to the show, but he DID make it home from the hospital on Friday afternoon. He is in pain, now understanding that one should take one's meds BEFORE they wear off not after! We have had both a visiting nurse and therapist come out and give Bob the once-over and the thumb's up on his progress. Bob has been very diligent doing his exercises and it shows. His range of motion is improving daily although transitioning (from standing to sitting to laying down and back) is brethtakingly uncomfortable. Thank you to those that have visited. Bob loves company. It's distracting to him and makes the time pass, so call and come if you like!
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