Friday, July 8, 2011

Saturday Markets are fun, fun, fun!

We are starting off our monthly First Saturday Market with a BANG! The weather (unlike last year!) was gorgeous and we had quite of bit foot traffic that translated into lots of happy shoppers!

I dragged treasure hunter extraordinaire Betsy with me to the Eastern Shore and let her in on some of my "secret places" as we loaded up my Ford and hauled everything back home, cleaned it up, got it tagged and on the floor before FIRSTfriday. WHEW! I think I hurt myself. But it was all worth it as we had a record 4th of July weekend crowd at STifel & Capra for a FIRSTfriday. Lots of fun.

Kelly of Stylish Patina loaded TWO pickup truck loads into the parking lot to the delight of passersby. Want to see more? Visit her new boutique in the corner of the shop!

And check out the newest offerings from Freshly Pressed and Interlachen Soak Co. Me? Off to the beach with a car of teenagers for the weekend. Pray for me.
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