Friday, January 20, 2012

road trip- New York!

We had a lovely weekend (yeah, yeah I know it is Thursday) visiting my old roommate & his family in North Jersey last week. They live in the VERY pictoresque town of Maplewood. Maplewood is the kind of place that is made for the likes of Stifel & Capra. The main drag is two streets wide and not a chain store in sight. ALL of the shops, & restaurants are privately held, most shopkeepers are the owners. Very charming and very friendly. Lots of eye candy.

Pete & Judy indulged us and DROVE us to the Brooklyn Flea Market on Sunday. In the winter the Market moves indoors into a GORGEOUS old bank. The architecture defies description. It was so intricate with the grill and fretwork. Hard to fathom all the tiles were laid in one at a time. Amazing.

I bought a funky mid century decanter set for the shop and some scrumptious gnarly metal letters to use in my art. Of course I am just carrying the letters around at the moment exclaiming to one & all how COOL they are. Junk Nerd, that's me!
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