Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There's another one next Thursday!

Deborah Conn's Watercolor Monotype class is in full swing this fall! The ladies had a GREAT time last evening experimenting with the different pencils, crayons, paints and collage materials that produce different effects every time that the plates get cranked through Debby's printing press.

We have set up the class as a self contained workshop as with today's busy schedule's we find it hard for most people to commit to a series of classes. Yes, believe it or not after 21/2 hours you actually leave with multiple pieces of art. Pretty exciting! Want to join the fun? Debby is hosting another class this coming Thursday, November 5th at 7pm. The workshop is $60. Email me at to register.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy 90th birthday Uncle Gene!

You know you love someone when you are willing to take ten hours to drive 360 miles. I have just mentally recovered from the ordeal of northbound 95 to get to Uncle Gene's 90th birthday party in suburban Connecticut! In hindsight it was worth it because the storm we drove up in passed through faster than predicted so it didn't rain on our back yard picnic and proverbial parade. My friend Ted wasn't so lucky this past weekend. His birthday oyster roast started at three and I think that was when the rain was the heaviest. Bleh. But you know rain is not going to deter birthday revelers so it didn't hurt anyone's spirits. (at least not the folks that wore good sturdy shoes!

I am feeling good about how the shop looks right now. Went through and did a BIG "put things on sale, rearrange the furniture, and put out tons of new merchandise" all the while trying to clear the decks a bit so we can start thinking about holiday merchandise. Frighteningly enough it IS that time of year. My first year in business I didn't put Christmas items out until after Thanksgiving and if one more person said to me " Oh I wished I had seen that a month ago I would have bought it..." So this year I am feeling frisky and we will have extended shopping hours starting November 1st. So if you are around town, pop in. You can amuse yourself watching me wrestle little white lights....
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