Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It takes so little to make me happy

Things that don't make me happy: two inches of rain in the basement of the shop (again!), driving to the only store in town that sells a particular something and they are out of it (Target & Smoots Lumber, anyone?) people that are late (do you own a watch?), laundry (does it ever end?), anything on Cartoon Network (this mom is not amused at most things that simply slay her almost ten year old son), rain on my parade (literally yesterday), having to hurry or multi-task (I am a slow & steady wins the race kind of gal).

Things that do make me happy: Calling an artist to tell her that I sold her first painting (Congrats Eileen!), hot coffee at 5:45 am (MiddleSchool starts TOO early), watching the light bulb go off when I am explaining something (sharing is great!),friends on the porch ( I have the best neighbors in the world!). And last but not least, my hot pink, they are not supposed to come in my size but the factory screwed up so I not only found them but they were on clearance, Chuck Taylor Hi Tops. Yippee! From the woman who never buys retail, this is a large deal, indeed.

Things to do in the next 48 hours: Start three commissions so I can deliver them (eek!) , paint the hallways & rehang the art. Strip the last two galleries so the new artists can move in (Welcome Angela, Beth & Becky!), pay the bills, hang the changing room mirrors, poles, and drapes, figure WHAT to do with my personal albatross, the infamous seven foot tall coat rack. ( you know the one everyone thinks is lovely but no one has bought yet) Oh yeah and run the floor for the rest of the week. If I look a little wild eyed this week,please be nice to me.

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