Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saturday is the 1st in more ways than one!

I know January first is New Year's Day but the first day of school has always been like New Year's to me. A time of new beginnings, goal setting and friends. That collective sigh you hear across the land is parents everywhere looking forward to the routine that their kids SAY they dread. But I think most kids enjoy going back to school if only to catch up with their friends!

Speaking of new beginnings and goals. I made rent! In my second month. I am (frankly) flabbergasted but am very excited at the reception we have received from the Falls Church community. It is thrilling to be able to do something you love and being able to share all of these artists' talents is very satsfying.

Looked at the calendar and realized that First Saturday is BEFORE FIRSTFriday in the month of September. So the shop will be open from 10 to 5 this coming Saturday. If you are in town for the holiday weekend, stop in. I'd love to see you!

Bob Update: Bob has been struggling with his docs and his prosthetist to get his leg re-fitted properly. It has been very dispiriting to all of us to watch Bob's frustration and being stymied in his attempts to walk properly. Bob's prosthetist DID give Bob the go-ahead to make a minute adjustment on his own leg and it improved his gait instantaneously. I do have fears of what havoc Bob could wreck. But I guess if you are only armed with an Allen wrench it can't be too bad.....
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Couldn't resist!

Got home and realized that I meant to add this portrait to my last entry. It's one of my FAVORITES. Hope you agree!
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